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cruise plr articles

A cruise is one of the most popular types of vacation within the billion-dollar travel market.

Cruises can be taken at any time of year and the competition for places can be intense. Many cruises are fully booked a year or more ahead. What's more, there are so many cruise styles and destinations available that a lot of people keep taking cruises year after year.

Cruises are much more expensive than many of the products sold online...

... and you can promote them.

But don't you get tired of writing content?

The solution: a pack of 10 PLR articles to grow or start your cruise travel website.

These articles are brand new, written by a native English speaker.

Only 75 copies of this pack will be sold - ever!

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The articles are between 460-580 words each.

Here are the titles (altered a little to preserve exclusivity for my buyers):

  • Alaskan Cruises
  • Norwegian Fjord Cruises
  • Cruise Clothing: What You Need
  • Disney Cruise Discounts
  • Cruises Out Of Galveston
  • Cruises For Adults Only
  • Cruise And Stay Options
  • Dress Codes For Cruises
  • All Inclusive Cruises: Looking For Luxury?
  • Your Cruise Wedding

Now, I am sure you are wondering about the quality of these articles. You are wise to be cautious. So here is a sample paragraph:

What is a fjord? It is a long, narrow sea inlet or channel that glaciers have carved out of the coastline. Fjords occur mainly in cold climates where powerful glacier action was able to take place during the ice age. The classic example is Norway, which has hundreds of miles of fjords along its rugged coastline. However, fjords are also found in many other northern locations including Alaska, Iceland and Canada (west coast and Labrador). There are also a few in the southern hemisphere, for example in New Zealand and Chile.

Fjords have steep sides, with cliffs or slopes often hundreds of feet high rising on either side of the narrow sea channel. In Norway these narrow channels are often deep enough to be navigated by even the biggest modern cruise liners. This means that on a fjord cruise you can travel through spectacular mountain scenery without ever leaving the luxury and comfort of your cruise liner.

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And here is some unsolicited feedback from members of the Warrior Forum on my previous article packs:

Originally posted by Doug Champigny

Always LOVE your article packs - just downloaded both this and the OTO and they're perfect, as always!



Originally posted by cyberws

I can verify that Rosie is an EXCELLENT writer. I have lots of her PLR material and always love it.

Originally posted by 4thstreet

Just downloaded - these are really great & fit in perfectly with what I am working on now. Thanks!


Originally posted by Art Turner

Excellent articles, Rosie.

Well-written and well-targeted.


Originally posted by Melody

Excellent work! I look forward to more from you!


Originally posted by sydneyaus

Hi Rosie,

Your articles are top notch! I hope you will be releasing something new soon!

Originally posted by strategic

EXCELLENT quality articles, very happy and highly recommend your work to other Warriors.

Originally posted by Monica60

I have just bought [one of your article packs] and have read the 10 articles and am really happy with them. They're interesting, they make sense, they're well written and I really enjoyed reading them.

Probably the best PLR I've bought so far!

Here is what you can do with these articles:

[YES] Can be used as content on your web site
[YES] Can be included in ebooks and reports without resale/giveaway/PLR rights
[YES] Can be used in an autoresponder series
[YES] Can be edited however you wish
[YES] Can have your name put on them
[YES] Can be rewritten for submission to article directories

[NO] Can be sold or given away with PLR or resale rights
[NO] Can be added to PLR or IM membership sites
[NO] Can be submitted to article directories without substantial alteration

I will only be selling 75 copies of this pack, and the intention of these licence provisions is to preserve their value for you.

My Guarantee

Yes ... if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, let me know within 30 days and I will refund you 100%. No questions asked.

Now let me guess what you are thinking ...

"So What Will This Pack Cost Me?"

The price is insane when you consider the time it would take you to create articles of this quality yourself, or what it would cost to have them written for you.

All you need is a measly $20 $17 $10 and within seconds you will have 10 new articles to pull in traffic and clicks. That is just $1 per article!

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Go ahead ...

Live your dreams!

P.S. Don't forget you have nothing to lose here, with my 100% no-question guarantee.

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